“Be the positive change you wish to see in the world”

Fashion Illustration is an art form for Fashion Designers to express their creative ideas onto paper and bring them to life!
Did you know Fashion Illustration has been around for nearly 500 years? Fashion Illustration shows a representation or design of a garment, but they also serve as a form of art. Fashion Illustration shows the presence of hand and is said to be a visual luxury.

Skyy is the limit with endless possibilities to gain professional knowledge of true, Fashion Illustration. This course is designed to challenge each student with the guidance, patience & practice of Golden Skyy’s uniquely design Fashion Illustration aesthetic!

Golden Skyy “Fashion Design Prep Studio” is genetically engineered for the strategic advancement in Fashion & Education!

Our industry is rapidly growing, changing & the competition is FIERCE!

Golden Skyy’s mission is to educate inspiring young designers of tomorrow. He breaks down the basic structure of learning and has created a hybrid focus on his core curriculum. This re-engineered method of teaching will allow each student to excel at a much higher pace than your average entry-level student!

GOLDEN SKYY                                        OWNER / DESIGNER & EDUCATOR

Golden Skyy is a local Textile Designer in San Antonio, TX and a MASTER at his craft! Golden Skyy comes from a strong bloodline of four generations of Tailors and four generations of Master Seamstresses. His specialty focus is Tailoring, Couture, Digital textiles and Japanese Transformational Reconstruction. He is also the Owner/Designer & Educator of Golden Skyy Atelier & Golden Skyy “Fashion Design Prep Studio. “Golden Skyy is also a Professional Member of Texas Fashion Industry Initiative (TFII) a none-profit that is dedicated to the positive growth to our Texas Fashion Industry.


This high energy Fashion Illustration course is set to inspire, motivate & challenge you to the max! Golden Skyy’s iconic futuristic fashion illustrations are inspired by his studies abroad in Tokyo, Japan. Hold on tight everyone; this is not your “average” Fashion Illustration course! Come & learn the “Tricks-of-the-Trade” from the master himself!

In this class you will learn & experience a journey of a lifetime:


  • Fashion Trend Forecasting
  • How to sketch full body croquis, lips, eyes, nose, face, feet, legs, hands & arms.
  • Illustrate your FIRST Fashion Illustration capsule collection!
  • Rendering techniques, watercolor, blending, markers, colored pencils and more!
  • Fashion Terminology
  • Rendering different types of fabrics to bring your illustrations to life!
  • Technical flat drawing
  • Experience creating your first Trend & Mood board with Cutting-Edge style to bring out your unique personality!


A supply list will be provided when registration is complete to ensure you are ready for your first day of class!Amazon


This class is for

ALL skill levels!

AGE 14+ to ADULT


JULY 1 st through 31 st


JULY 2019 – 4 Weeks
3.5 Hours each class

Twice a Week
Total of 28 Hours
of Pattern Making Class


Class Times:
Monday & Wednesday

10:00 am – 1:20 pm