We are a non-accredited fashion school

Our mission is to provide cutting-edge education in Fashion Design by creating intimate class settings to ensure the quality & needs of the students by elevating & enhancing the integrity of our future Fashion Designers of tomorrow.

“We are G.O.L.D.E.N”

At Golden Skyy Fashion Design Prep Studio we provide a

Opportunity that is
Loyal to the
Development of quality
Education by taking YOU to the
Next level

Golden Skyy Fashion Design Prep Studio was founded by Golden Skyy and is centrally located in the heart of Downtown San Antonio, TX (The Alamo City.) The design school is the first of its kind in the Alamo City to offer preparatory Fashion Design courses to help teens and adults pursue a career in Fashion Design. The primary objective is to break down the basic structure of learning and focus on the core curriculum. While most Preparatory design institutions focus on “entry level” courses, we elevate & enhance fashion industry standards to a college entry level.  

Golden Skyy Fashion Design Prep Studio also offers a unique formality of implementing in EACH design course Fashion Business, Branding, Leadership Development & Portfolio Preparation. The students that attend are getting value & quality right from the start! The master himself, Golden Skyy instructs each class to learn & experience a journey of a lifetime.

Golden Skyy’s theory is “If we have TOP QUALITY professors & elite designers, ONLY instructing in Fashion Design colleges, why can’t we have the same quality, industry experience & passion in a preparatory Fashion Design school? Why do we continue to repeat this method and see our loved ones struggle in college or even worse, fail?”

We are at the forefront of Fashion Education and the leaders of a positive movement in our community. If you have been thinking about a career in Fashion, now’s the time! A prime service that was needed, NOW available to the public & just one “Click” away! Sign up today and take the Golden Challenge to be a part of the historic educational fashion movement.